Summer Fridays: Roadtrips

*Editor's Note: Summer Fridays continues with a post from guest writer Jag Mehoff, who has written so many guest blogs I've given him a new title - Prince of Playlists. That's right, WRD is entering the music business and is proud to announce a new Spotify account, including a Summer Playlist (appropriately named Liver Prep … Continue reading Summer Fridays: Roadtrips

Summer Fridays: Golf with the Boys

Pretty much everything about the summer rules, except for maybe sunburns and the entire world knowing how sloppy your body has become. One of the best things is that no one in the working world does a single thing on Fridays. Whether or not you get out a little early or have to stay until … Continue reading Summer Fridays: Golf with the Boys

Jersey Shore Bars as People in Your Office

It's officially the start of summer and that means one thing - it's time for the Jersey Shore. Like anyone young professional in New York City with an ounce of self-respect, I will be doing a share-house in Manasquan this summer. Yes, the same share house that teens broke into last summer and smoked our … Continue reading Jersey Shore Bars as People in Your Office