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2019 Song of the Summer Update: We’re Down to 2

We did it people. We made it to the National Championship of the 2019 WRD Song of the Summer bracket. Thanks for all your votes in the Instagram stories. YOU decided this bracket so don’t yell at me if you’re upset. OK??

Here is where the bracket stands now. For the original post by Jag Mehoff, check out the link HERE. We have more voting today in the Instagram Stories polls, so go check it out. Polls open at like 1 or whenever I have time to post. Full playlist here for all your pregame needs.

We have an incredible final matchup of Truth Hurts by Lizzo vs. Higher Love by Kygo and Whitney Houston. Don’t forget to vote on the stories this afternoon!!!!!!!

This is how the voting shook out last week. We got a ton of votes – keep it up WRDies.

In case you are new and forgot what those songs are, I included the videos below. Ok bye. Full write up next week.

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