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Summer Fridays: 2019 Song of the Summer Bracket

*Editor’s Note – Our favorite guest blogger and Spotify account admin Jag Mehoff is back with some timely content – the 2019 Song of the Summer bracket. This year, we will be leaving the voting to YOU. Voting will be conducted on Instagram Stories – round 1 is this week and the final will be in 2 weeks. Follow us on Instagram and check it the heck out.

2019 Song of the summer bracket

Well we heard you. The outcry was so overwhelming from all of our 10 Spotify followers that the Content King and I have decided to give the people what they want. A competition to decide which song is going to be crowned as THE song of the summer. Some of you may be saying “hey but the summer isn’t over yet” which I get, but everyone knows that once August arrives anxiety about the upcoming school/work year starts to pile up like the list of the people the Kardashians have dated.

To be considered a “song of the summer” candidate there is some important criteria that needs to be met:

1.       Does it get the people going (is it provocative)

2.       Is It a song you can hear multiple times and still enjoy it (like the opposite of that “Friday” song by Rebecca Black… where is she now by the way?)

3.       Does it have staying power? (Is this a song we will still want to listen to a year from now)

For context, 2018’s song of the summer was unquestionably Magic in the Hamptons. Fact, not opinion.

This year, we have a 16 song field which is a variation of different genres and styles (think Johnny Depp’s acting career) to give everyone out there a song they can root for. Voting will be conducted in Instagram Stories – this week will be the first round and we’ll do additional rounds next week.

As the administrator of the WRD Spotify account I will introduce some of the top favorites, Cinderella candidates and who got snubbed. Let’s get into it.


the favorites

2- Old Town Road Remix – Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mason Ramsey.

Yeah, we know you’re probably sick of Old Town Road at this point. But friend of the blog Mason Ramsey completely saves this version with his soon to be immortal line – ‘if you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way.’ Couldn’t agree more.

3 – Truth Hurts by Lizzo:

Sheeesh where do I even start with this song. First off Lizzo is 100% that b*tch… that’s probably a good place. She has put out a couple songs that are pretty badass and have even given me the confidence to be independent. In this song she calls out how men can be fake and how they usually mess everything up, especially if they play for the Minnesota Vikings. Bottom line: This song should be considered one of the favorites especially with the good beat and even better lyrics. The Content King and I have sworn our lives to speaking only the truth and believe me it really does hurt. Do our followers believe this song is the truth? We will see.

cinderella teams

6. The Git Up by Blanco Brown:

Every tournament needs a Cinderella team and this is it. Those that know The Git Up know that it has everything necessary to be THE song of the summer besides the recognition. Listen to this song if you haven’t already and please tell me that you don’t feel like dropping what you are doing and embarrassing yourself on the dancefloor and/or in the car. If you are really feeling the vibe like most do, check out the music video which shows the actual dance that accompanies this future classic. Bottom line: Vegas will pick this song as the dark horse to do the two step and cowboy boogie all over the competition. A mix between a country and hip hop vibe never sounded so good/so right. The semi cult following that accompanies this song may be enough to push it further than many thought possible.

dark horses

5 seed – Never Really Over by Katy Perry:

Katy Perry wants you to know that if you broke up with someone over 2 years ago there is still a chance to rekindle that flame. For some of you this is great news, and for others… it’s a reminder that an old ex is out there still holding onto hope that you will get back together and won’t just move on. Either way it is a jam and I for one am glad to have Katy Perry back on the scene. Classic songs like Firework and Roar left us wanting more and sweet sweet Katy finally answered our wishes. Bottom line: We all have had an ex at one point that we really liked spending time with and for whatever reason things didn’t work out. Katy gets that and tries to instill hope in people who are still hanging on. This could be a real threat in the competition especially if the summer of 2017 led to a lot of heartbreak and our followers feel like nothing is ever really over.

5 seed – Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran feat. Khalid:

Ed Sheeran is a talented little Irishman. Here he enlists the help of Khalid to put out a song with a chill vibe that always fits the mood. Beautiful People explains how Ed is worried that he and his lover are going to turn into fake people who only care about designer clothes and fancy cars instead of staying true to themselves. A truly lovely message… but c’mon who doesn’t love a few sweet outfits and nice whips (which means cars for any older people reading this) to ride around in every once in a while? Bottom line: Aren’t we all beautiful people on the inside? Maybe not, but this song checks all the boxes and could make a serious run if those looking for a laidback song with a good beat decide to vote.


Cobwebs by Lea Neu

This song by definitely not my cousin Lea Neu is absolute fire. It has over 375k plays on Spotify for a reason. Only issue is, it’s not really a summer song – it’s an all year song.

This one might be even better. Everyone watch and make her famous so I can be in her entourage (I’ll be the Turtle of the group)

Cross Me by Ed Sheeran feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock:

Ed Sheeran is back and rapping with legends like Eminem and 50 Cent, to singing rock songs with Chris Stapleton. This song has a great back beat and a great verse by Chance the Rapper in which he tells you that his girl does crossfit (relatable). Bottom line: Don’t mess with Ed Sheeran’s girl period. If you cross her then he will find you. This song has some star power and may have what it takes to make a run.

Sunflower by Post Malone & Swae Lee:

With a great beat and good lyrics Sunflower has managed to stay on the Spotify charts for months which checks off the box of being able to hear multiple times without getting tired of it. Despite his weird face tattoos and party habits, Post Malone will sing about flowers as long as his girl knows how much she means to him. What. A. Guy. Bottom line: This song comes from the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” which I personally have not seen but it is on Netflix and I’ve heard good things. Like Peter Parker Sunflower is easy to underestimate, but when you bite into it and really listen to the message, this song transforms. (Sorry again).


To listen to the entire bracket, as well as top songs left on the bubble, go check out our Spotify playlist.

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