Mason Ramsey Has BDE

Sorry in advance Mom.

The Internet has been exploding lately with talk of Big Dick Energy, or “BDE” for those who don’t want to write the word dick all the time. Who has BDE? How do you get BDE? And most importantly, what is BDE?  This article does a pretty good job of laying it out. Because i know that none of you click the links (I see the stats), here’s a quick quote:

“Big Dick energy is a quiet confidence and ease with oneself that comes from knowing you have an enormous penis and you know what to do with it. It’s not cockiness, it’s not a power trip—it’s the opposite: a healthy, satisfied, low-key way you feel yourself. And to clarify, no, you do not physically need a big dick to have BDE. “

Basically, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has a big dick, but you would believe it if someone told you they did. Why do all these traits have to be tied to someone with a large male sex organ? Because this is the society that we have chosen to construct. Again, I don’t make the rules, I just talk about them. Blame the government.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain BDE by giving a few examples. Atticus Finch has BDE. So did JFK. Bruce Springsteen. Girls can have it too. Rihanna is pretty clear case of BDE. So is Martha Stewart.

The clearest example of BDE is quite obviously Mason Ramsey. Who is Mason Ramsey? Glad you asked. He is the Walmart yodelling kid who has risen to the top of the Internet and music industry after this video (the remix is better):


Then he went on Ellen and all the talk shows and America fell in love. Many thought he’d fade into the light, a supernova that burned too bright and exploded in outer space. NOPE. He went ahead and performed at Coachella in front of like a million people and then he dropped an original single, called “Famous” which freakin’ slaps hard. Real hard.



Oh and I am probably his top 3 biggest fan. All caught up on Mason?

He’s a pretty clear cut case of BDE, but I get the sense that some of you still don’t totally get what the concept is. It may be helpful to take a tour through Mason’s Twitter (managed by his grandmother) for a few examples.

Before we start- yes, I know he is 10 years old and no I am not referring to his physical body when I say BDE. I’m referring to his energy and personality. Grow up and get a job losers.

Anyways, BDE means you got swagger. You always walk around like you own the place, wherever that place is. And it’s because you do. You don’t have to say anything – everyone just knows it.


BDE means you’re a bit of a bad boy. You got a good heart, you treat people right, but rules? What’s the point in following those pesky things? Where’s the fun in that?



Just because you radiate confidence and ooze charisma, doesn’t mean that you don’t feel and hurt. We all do. BDE is about having the bravery to be vulnerable and show the world that sometimes, you’re not ok. And that’s ok.


BDE means that you’re comfortable in any environment. You’re just as comfortable shooting the shit with janitor as getting dinner with the CEO. You can hang with these fellas….

Or you can refer to Grammy winner and Fast and the Furious star Ludacris as “a fan.”

When it comes to the opposite sex, you’re not afraid to go after what you want. Did the other fellas bring their girls around? That was their mistake. They’ll want to lock up their sweethearts whenever you’re around.

BDE means you have your priorities straight. You know what matters in life and you will fight tooth and nail to keep those priorities safe and strong.

Yes, as one with BDE, you’ll rise to fame. People are drawn to your animal magnetism like bees to honey. Like moths to light. But, you know that the fame doesn’t matter. You appreciate the attention but you don’t need it. You’re humble and a kid at heart.

I mean, if this doesn’t scream BDE, then what does?

And you know what else is BDE? Dropping not one but TWO absolute bangers on the same day Drake released his new album. Drake who?

First single to hit the streets is “The Way I See It”. Wonderful track, strong message. Family first, live life, love hard, be kind. Pre-chorus goes a little something like this:

“The way I see it
You sow your wild oats
Howl up at the moon
Tell a few jokes
Till you get lucky
Find yourself a keeper
Take her home to mama
Put a ring on her finger”

This young man is 10 years old. Listen to it on Spotify or check it out below on YouTube.

Second song is “Jamabalaya (On the Bayou)” The parenthetical is absolutely essential here. I knew about the Jambalaya, didn’t know it was specific to the bayou. Regardless, this one represents a change of pace for young Mason. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t understand a word of it. Think he may be trying to sing in a Cajun accent. Still, it’s stuck in my head and I don’t know any of the words.

Listen to it on Spotify or check it out below on the popular video sharing website



Am I worried that the fame will go to young Mason’s head? He’s probably the most famous 10 year old in the world right now besides maybe like Prince George’s kid (he may be like 5. Don’t have time to look it up.) Does he have the right people in his corner, guiding him down the path of goodness and truth? Will the hanger-ons become too much? Will he forget his roots?

Well, my worries were put to rest in the following interview on the Bobby Bones show. Very grounded pre-teen. Skip to 7:14 to hear Mason talk about how the middle school ladies are trying to sneak into his life. This kid has 8th graders flocking to him. 8th graders! BDE for days.


WRDies, we are now a pro-Mason Ramsey blog. If you don’t like it, feel free to stop visiting the WordPress. I won’t hold it against you. But, remember what our king Mason says, “Be nice because that’s why you’re in the world. God put you on a very nice place that you should respect….Mother Nature.”


Think about that. Enjoy the weekend. If the Good Lord’s willing and the creek’s don’t rise, I’ll see ya’ll again next time.





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