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2019 Song of the Summer Bracket Update!!!!!!!!!

What’s up WRDies. Short blog here. Thanks for voting last week on the first round of the 2019 Song of the Summer – over 1800 of you voted and that is pretty cool. You also have no way of knowing if I made that number up. You just have to open your heart and trust me. That’s what love is.

Here is where the bracket stands now. For the original post by Jag Mehoff, check out the link HERE. We have more voting today in the Instagram Stories polls, so go check it out. Polls open at like 1 or whenever I have time to post. Full playlist here for all your pregame needs.


Poll results

Fair. Agreed. Love Panini but tough matchup.

Closer than it should’ve been. Step it up WRDies and respect Mason.

Truth hurts bangs. Can’t deny it.

This is the second biggest travesty of the tournament. Haven’t gotten ‘Never Really Over’ out of my head since I heard it. Plus No Brainer came out like 2 years ago (my bad, I’ve had a lot going on)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Higher Love is a gigantic favorite this summer and fuck Macklemore.

Congrats Ed you sneaky little boy.

This made me sick to my stomach. Makes me think I should cancel the entire tournament. Maybe delete the entire blog. The Git Up is the song of this summer and every summer every.

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