Paul’s Final Letter to the Corinthians

*Editor's Note: Folks we've unearthed something truly incredible. Our team of forensic scientists and archaeologists have uncovered an artifact that will change history forever. If anyone has the Pope's email, please forward this to him. He needs to see it.* Dear Corinthians, This will be my final letter. I’ve now sent over a dozen letters … Continue reading Paul’s Final Letter to the Corinthians

Meghan Markle Won’t Stop Texting Me

Yep that's right. You heard correctly. The new Duchess of Sussex (which rhymes btw) wants a piece of the Content King. We all want we can't have - apparently even the Royal Family isn't immune. For many this would be flattering, but for me it's just flat out annoying. For those who don't know, Meghan … Continue reading Meghan Markle Won’t Stop Texting Me

Buzzword Dictionary 3/15

Corporate-speak is a language all of its own and it would take a Harvard linguist professor many lifetimes to master. Luckily for you, I am a genius and have already figured it all out. Because I am one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, I will be sharing my knowledge, free of charge. Each … Continue reading Buzzword Dictionary 3/15