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The 64 Best Things about the Internet: A Tribute

The Internet is the greatest thing in the entire world, and easily the Best Invention Since Sliced Bread. To pay homage to the only thing keeping our society from crumbling to pieces, we’ve put together a list of 64 of the Best things about the Internet, in no particular order. As always, all decision are final and correct.

the 64 Best Things About the Internet (in No particular order)

1. Porn

2. Comments under porn videos

3. Keeping in touch with people who live far away

4. Keeping in touch with people who live close but you don’t like enough to actually leave the house to see.

5. Bulk ordering sunscreen

6. When the test answers were online.

7. SparkNotes

8. Leith Roll

9. Chat Roulette at Middle School sleepovers

10. Club Penguin

11. MySpace

12. Bo Burnham

13. No more newspapers (too much ink yuck)

14. Fantasy Sports

15. Looking up how to unclog a toilet when you’re at your girlfriend’s house so you don’t humiliate yourself in front of her dad.

16. Catfishing your friends online

17. Rainbow Unicorn

18. Wikipedia

19. Reddit Threads

I also choose this guy's dead wife : FunnyandSad

20. Pranking your friend with a video (shoutout Meatspin, Cakefarts, and the well endowed black guy that apparently died RIP.)

21. Paying your bills online (can you imagine mailing a check)

22. All of the information in the entire world at your fingertips

23. Power Ranking the Songs to Hear While You’re Drunk

24. Email

25. Online Dating

26. Jimmy Tatro

27. Hate following someone you sort of knew in college on LinkedIn to keep up with their self congratulatory and motivational statuses.

Brian you’re gonna die man

28. Direct Deposit

29. Internet cafes

30. This sweatshirt

31. Mason Ramsey

32. Streaming TV

33. The dark web

34. Derrick Comedy

35. Joining Facebook groups in your suburban town and instigating scandal and discord.

36. Limewire

37. Making informed purchase decisions by comparing price and reading reviews.

38. Too Many Cooks

39. Researching how to do bad boy stuff so you don’t have to ask your friends how to kiss a girl and humiliate yourself on a field trip to the Statue of Liberty.

40. Neopets


42. Stalking people before going on dates with them

43. eBaumsWorld

I am le tired

44. Google Maps / Mapquest

45. Staying in touch with your girlfriend from camp who goes to another school and is definitely real so shut up right now Jason I’m serious.

46. Hot people on Instagram

47. Joe Exotic

48. Chocolate Rain

49. Bad Lip Readings

50. Power Ranking the Best Things in the Entire World

51. Getting to learn about a blogger’s entire life story before you can read their roast chicken recipe.

52. Soundcloud

53. Fortin’ with Will

54. WebMDing your symptoms and convincing yourself you have either cancer, cholera or genital herpes (it’s probably just a razor bump.)

55. Ask Jeeves

56. Amazon

57. Aol Instant Messenger

58. Xanga

59. Supporting a Nigerian Prince and your friend’s GoFundMe for a project they will never actually make and eventually keep the money and not say anything about it but it’s kind of fine because you only gave $25 since you knew this sort of thing would happen.

60. (wow I’m flattered)

61. Work Retire Die on Instagram (seriously I’m blushing)

62. Work Retire Die on LinkedIn (guyssssss stop)

63. Work Retire Die on YouTube (ugh you are seriously too much)

64. Work Retire Die on Tik Tok (actually don’t follow that it’s pretty cringey)

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