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Overanalyzing Lyrics from Playboi Carti’s “Whole Lotta Red”

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After numerous delays of the album due to SoundCloud leaks and him being weird, Playboi Carti has finally released his much anticipated album “Whole Lotta Red”. First of all, he dropped it on Christmas, which was kind of odd given the whole devil aesthetic the album has. Secondly, it’s pretty goshdarn awful. Oh and lastly, his baby momma Iggy Azalea exposed him on Twitter for cheating on her during her pregnancy, inviting the mistress to his album party, then not letting her or his son come over for Christmas. Can’t make this shit up. Now, let’s overanalyze some of the album’s best lyrics. 

Why be this weird Playboi? And on Christmas no less?

Song: Rockstar Made

Uh, never too much (Yeah, yeah), uh, never too much (Yeah)

Never too much, uh, never too much

Uh, never too much (What?), uh, never too much (What?)

Uh, never too much (What?), uh, never too much (What?)

While to an untrained ear, this may sound and seem like standard mumble rap nonsense, but I have been studying Cartinese. The hook on the opening track sheds light on the capitalistic culture that he is enthralled in. He has realized that hip hop culture has been overtaken by conspicuous spenders, often dropping 6 figure numbers on designer clothes, jewelry, and cars. “Never too much” he says, with a well placed and introspective “what?” adlib, highlighting how corporate America has trained consumers irresponsible spending habits. 

Song: Stop Breathing

I take my shirt off and all the hoes stop breathin’ (What? Yeah, yeah, what?)

Breathin’, breathin’, bitches stop breathin’ (Yeah)  

Playboi is not well known for his philanthropy as much of it is done behind the scenes. While it may seem he is saying his shirtless body leaves women short of breath, that would be a gross mischaracterization. He is most actually raising awareness for the asthmatic community, saying he is willing to take off his shirt in the chilly month of December to ensure the wellbeing of the genetically inferior. Some may relate this to COVID-19, a respiratory disease, but Mr. Carti has not responded to DM’s regarding the matter. 

SONG: M3tamorphosis

They can’t understand me, I’m talkin’ hieroglyphics

I feel like Morpheus (What, what?), I feel like Morpheus (What, what?)

Carti brings to light a clash of cultures here with references to the Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Greek god Morpheus. He truly is a historian, calling into question the validity of our modern understanding of the ancient Egyptian world as is translated from the Rosetta Stone. He also explores the coexistence of Greek and Egyptian culture and spiritual worlds. 

Song: Vamp Anthem

I swear to God if I tote that bitch I’ma hit that boy (Baow, baow)

I swear to God, I just play with the pussy, I don’t play with boys 

Here, Carti is exploring the violent nature of young boys in the modern era. He once was one, but he no longer “plays with” them. Instead, he plays with “pussy”. This juxtaposition explores the combativeness men and women have experienced with each other. Carti offers himself as an olive branch, attempting to mend the ailments of the societal norms he is guilty of reinforcing.  

I hope you all had a very merry Carti Christmas. For some weird reason my parents don’t consider WLR a Christmas album, but they’re old and uncultured. Hearing “Teen X (ft. Future)” in stores around the country will soon be a sign that the holiday season has arrived (buzz off Mariah).  

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