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The Craziest Things People Have Done To Get Laid

An orgasm is a powerful thing. So powerful that people will do some crazy shit just to get it. In honor of Orgasm winning the Best Physical Senses in the World Bracket, we decided to break down the wildest things people have done to get their rocks off (orgasm

Craziest Things People Have Done to Get Laid

1. Start an entirely new sect of Christianity so you can bang Anna Boleyn

Shoutout King Henry VIII

2. Exercise regularly

3. Break in and out of prison so you can be with your inmate lover

Worth it

4. The entire concept of plastic surgery (no offense doctors)

5. Completely change your interests and personality

7. Buy expensive sports cars

8. Be a sugar daddy

9. Start a war with Troy because you think Helen is hot

She’s…not ?

10. Pretend to like Harry Styles

11. Grow a beard (men, usually)

12. Shave your body daily (women, usually)

13. Slap a comedian onstage at the Oscars after he insults your wife

14. Allow yourself to be catfished

15. Spend your life savings on a wedding to someone you have zero in common with

16. Work 80 hour weeks in investment banking

17. End a war in Kenya so you can lift the sex ban that women nationwide imposed.

Shoutout to the wives of the Kenyan President and Prime Minister who refused to have sex with their husbands until a peace treaty was reached in 2006.

18. Ruin your marriage and your children’s long term happiness to sleep with your assistant

19. Start a meme page (this never works FYI)

20. Post pictures of you with a fish on a dating app (guys)

21. Post pictures of you at a baseball game on a dating app talking about how you love sports and guy stuff

22. Dress Like This

23. Get a job

24. Buy a truck

25. Learn the acoustic guitar

26. Become a rapper

27. Write poetry

28. Cut off your ear in 19th century France and give to your crush even though you’re like the most famous painter ever

29. Go on a first date with a perfect stranger that could easily murder you

30. Join an extra-curricular group in high school that you have zero interest in just because your crush does it.

31. Basically every single thing JFK did in his presidency

The man risked national security MULTIPLE times just to feed his sex addiction. He also slept with a Nazi spy that he was fully aware was working for the German government

32. Get your feet bound in your formative teenage years.

33. Get wires and brackets put inside your mouth in your formative teenage years

34. Fall in love with a man named Romeo from the Montague family that is a sworn enemy of your father and then drink poison in a double suicide attempt during your formative teenage years

35. Shop at Abercrombie, get frosted tips, and wear an absurd amount of Axe body spray in your formative teenage years

36. Pretend to read a book on the subway

37. Create Mormonism

38. Break out and back into a Nazi camp

This man wanted it real bad

39. Bake an Apple Pie

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