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Orgasm Takes the Title in the Best Physical Senses in the World Bracket!!

Was there every any doubt? After 3 grueling weeks of matchups, the odds-on favorite Feeling of an Orgasm took care of business in the final against Smell of Cookies Fresh from the Oven, with a resounding 73% – 27% victory in a matchup of the Cookie vs. the Nookie. While Cookies from the Oven jumped out to an early lead, a loaded Orgasms roster showed massive spunk as they came through in the clutch, as their strong shooting and explosive releases climaxed in the second half to prove they can finish with satisfaction and make all their wet dreams come true (sorry for that entire sentence.)

Let’s be honest here – it was always Orgasm’s tournament to lose. It’s borderline unfair that they were even included in this tournament, but on this blog we celebrate greatness (not true we mainly celebrate the mediocrity) and the feeling of an Orgasm has proven to be unbeatable throughout this tournament and throughout time.

Orgasms are so powerful they can make you do incredible things just to chase them. That’s why we did a full breakdown of the Top 39 Craziest Things People Do to Get Laid.

Thanks to everyone who voted throughout the process. Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve received over 100,000 votes on Instagram and almost as many hate DMs from some of our follower’s favorite teams after their teams lost (unsurprisingly, Cocaine had a small but very rabid fanbase.) We’ll be back again next year and the year after that until we all die from natural causes in our late 100s.

Round by Round Breakdowns:

Opening Round

Sweet 16 Update

Final Four Update

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