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Corporate Buzzword Dictionary: Soup to Nuts

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Buzzword: Soup to Nuts 

1. Definition (work): From the start to the end of a project

Work Example:

Boss: Jim, what’s going on with the McAllister account? You’ve been on that one from soup to nuts.

Jim (has not done more than 3 hours of work in a single day since quarantine happened and as a result the project is delayed at least 4 months): Right on track sir! 

2. Definition (real life)For the entire length of an event 

Real Life Example:

Jeff: Did you go to Jake’s last night 

Tony: Yeah I was there from soup to nuts. It was so lame. One of the worst parties I’ve ever been to.

Jeff: It was an intervention for his drinking problem. I don’t think it’s supposed to be fun. 

3. Definition (also real life)The process of turning butternut soup into just butternut

Chip: Yo bro, I’m starving! Got any butternuts I can munch on?

Jim: Nah man, just the soup. 

Chip: Bummer. 

Jim: No sweat though. I’ll just toss that sucker in the freezer for 5-6 hours, then chop it up into bite size pieces and you’ll have a nice bowl of butternuts to snack on. 

Chip: The full Soup to Nuts experience!  

Fellas…..would you? 

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