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Quarantine Vibes Playlist

Editor’s Note: Recurring guest blogger Jag Mehoff returns with a playlist guaranteed to get you through quarantine. Go follow the WRD Spotify for playlists that basically all end in ‘Vibes’ but are still good.

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Quarantine Vibes playlist

First off (not to sound like every single work email each of us has gotten) but I hope everyone is staying safe out there during these crazy times. The last few playlists the Content King and I
created were for the Song of the Summer Tournament and to prepare your liver for the
day drinking and summer parties
that were about to take place. Well, times have changed and instead of putting together a collection of tasty licks that would have gotten your spring off to a great start, now we are all stuck inside watching the entire Netflix catalogue while sprinkling in some Disney Plus and seeing ESPN’s attempt to pretend like they can still produce quality content without live sports (spoiler alert they can’t).

With that in mind we have created a Quarantine Vibes Playlist (original I know) that includes some great songs that all in some way shape or form connect back to quarantine and this virus with the beer name.

Besides companies like Zoom and Doordash, who are benefiting from everyone having to work from home and be too deathly afraid to leave the house for groceries, the winners of this quarantine thing are bands that have produced songs that most of us have forgotten about until a global pandemic turned them into being ironically funny. For example:

Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police:

I know there are people out there who genuinely enjoy The Police and their music like the hit
drinking game song Roxanne, but most of us have never woken up and thought “you know
what I really want to listen to The Police right now”. Social distancing has brought this song
back to popularity and sometimes when I’m out in public it will even pop into my head when
someone gets into my 6 foot bubble and I have to give a little chuckle.

Stayin Alive by The BeeGees:

This is the most popular this song has been since Andy Bernard broke into song during the Stress Relief episode of The Office when they are learning CPR and Dwight cuts the face off of a dummy (one of the greatest scenes ever). It is a classic and even though it’s an older tune the title pretty much sums up what I’ve been trying to do even before there was a deadly virus going around, just looking to stay alive on a daily basis.

Crazy by Gnarls Barkley:

If you’re thinking to yourself “wow Gnarls Barkley sounds so familiar” it’s because he is also Cee Lo Green, who does the popular song “Forget You” and was also a host on The Voice. I’m not going to lie to you people, I am definitely starting to lose my mind a little bit… I bought monopoly on my Playstation just so I could give myself something to do for 4 hours (I’m always in the car and the graphics are surprisingly good). Gnarls starts out by saying “I remember when I lost my mind” and I unfortunately don’t think I can do the same.

Eyebrows alert

I hope everyone enjoys the playlist while you are sitting on your work computer at home
counting down the minutes until it is socially acceptable to pour yourself a cocktail. Stay safe
everyone and let’s hope that when summer rolls around and we drop another playlist that we
can all listen to it together out in sweet sweet sunshine.

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