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Leaving A Zoom Happy Hour is Impossible

During these uncertain times, it can be really hard to stay in touch with friends. It should have been a blessing. Unfortunately, God decided to invent Zoom and now we can’t get a moment of peace.

Now, I feel like my social calendar is way more crowded than it ever was. It makes me sick. And since obligations stopped existing in March, there’s no way to politely decline a Zoom or come up with a valid excuse why you can’t join. You’re stuck.

Once you’re in the Zoom itself, it becomes impossible to leave. After about 30 minutes, the conversation will inevitably hit a lull, since it’s impossible to have a normal interaction with 9 people talking at once and only look at their own videos on the screen. When this happens, you have a few choices:

Choice 1 – Stick it out and hope it gets less awkward (wrong choice)

Choice 2 – Make up an excuse and leave (less wrong choice but still wrong.)

Choice 3 – Wait until someone else makes an excuse, then piggyback off them and leave with a wave of 3-4 people at once. Your horrible excuse gets lost in the shuffle and you are free to go back to your couch and look at your phone in peace.

If you miss this initial wave, then buckle up. There is no hell like being stuck on a Zoom after the majority of the call has left. Rule #1 in Life and in Zooms – you never want to be the last one at the party.

Somehow, I stumbled across this incredible video by an extremely good looking group of people that captures that feeling. Just some brilliant work here. Had to share.

Not sure how that guy’s name got on there, but apparently he’s the man

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2 thoughts on “Leaving A Zoom Happy Hour is Impossible

  1. Too funny and very apt….it is good to see familar faces though…zooming with your Uncle Matt this weekend lol….be well

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