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*Update* – The 6 Days of Work Retire Christmas

*A note from the editor*

Many people have been asking why the 12 Days of Christmas stopped after 6 days. It has nothing to do with the Content King going to a ski-house for New Year’s Eve and being too drunk and/or hungover for the past 5 days to use his brain. It has even less to do with the fact that many fans did not appreciate his talents and borderline hated the videos. And the fact that almost no one even went to the YouTube Channel was 100% not a factor at all.  

Legally, I cannot release the full details of what happened. All I will say is that the fault lies completely with the Board. A group of incredibly influential investors attempted to meddle in content and force us to publish posts we were not comfortable with. This is what happens when you get to be as big as WRD has become – the spotlight is bigger and cowards become fearful. Just know that your Content King refused to bend the knee and he never will. And we’ll leave it at that. And again, this had nothing to do with laziness or absolutely none of our fans liking the idea, concept, or execution. 

Hopefully, we’ll return with the remaining 6 days of Christmas next year. Or maybe we’ll do a 6 days of Christmas in July or something. Honestly, I don’t plan beyond my next meal so I don’t really know what to tell you. 

If this is your first time here, check out the first 6 days. And subscribe to the YouTube Channel to watch them all together. Or check out the entire post here. And make sure you comment how much you love the Content King and think he is smart, handsome and funny. 

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