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12 Days of Work Retire Christmas: The Video Series

*A note from the editor*

Many people have been asking why the 12 Days of Christmas stopped after 6 days. It has nothing to do with the Content King going to a ski-house for New Year’s Eve and being too drunk and/or hungover for the past 5 days to use his brain. It has even less to do with the fact that many fans did not appreciate his talents and borderline hated the videos. And the fact that almost no one even went to the YouTube Channel was 100% not a factor at all.  

Legally, I cannot release the full details of what happened. All I will say is that the fault lies completely with the Board. Just know that your Content King refused to bend the knee and he never will. And we’ll leave it at that. And again, this had nothing to do with laziness or absolutely none of our fans liking the idea, concept, or execution. 

Hopefully, we’ll return with the remaining 6 days of Christmas next year. Or maybe we’ll do a 6 days of Christmas in July or something. Honestly, I don’t plan beyond my next meal so I don’t really know what to tell you. 

If this is your first time here, check out the first 6 days. And subscribe to the YouTube Channel to watch them all together. And make sure you comment how much you love the Content King and think he is smart, handsome and funny. 

Day 6: All I Want for Christmas

While he may appear to have everything a person could possibly want, the Content King details his many wishes for Christmas 2019 in a performance that oozes raw emotion and masculine strength.

Day 5: Home Alone

The Content King showcases his incredible acting range in this shot for shot remake of the iconic pizza delivery scene in Home Alone, which is like 80% a Christmas movie. All bullet sounds are original please credit.

Day 4: Little Drummer Boy

Proving once again that he will go to great lengths to reference his Little League career whenever possible, the Content King combines soothing vocals with sharp rhythmic tones to recreate the timeless classic of a poor boy who gives our newborn savior easily his worst birthday gift ever.

Day 3: Feliz Navidad

Most people don’t know this but cultures all around the world celebrate Christmas – not just America. Today we pay homage to Jose Feliciano, a top 5 blind singer of all time and inventor of Feliz Navidad. All singing and guitar sounds are performed by Content King and sometimes the actual version when his voice got tired.

Day 2: Christmas Trees – The Untold Story

Set against the background of a whistling performance equal parts sensual and shrill, the Content King explores the history of holiday conifers and exposes Big Christmas Tree for their many crimes.

Day 1: Where Are You Christmas?

The Content King’s rich baritone embraces this holiday classic and caresses its subtleties with a warm blanket of vibratto and staccato that is equal parts tantalizing and emotionally devastating.

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