Power Moves to Pull While Working Remote

The ultimate dream in Corporate America (and life) is to avoid work and responsibility while advancing in your career. One of the best ways to fly up the ladder is by executing a series of poorly disguised political maneuvers known as 'power moves.' These help you create a persona so intimidating that no one will … Continue reading Power Moves to Pull While Working Remote

Life in the Corporate Bubble

Unless you've been completely asleep at the wheel for the past 3 months, you've probably heard about the NBA and their 'bubble' in Disneyworld, where all their players and staff have been living, working, and playing together for the past 80+ days. By all accounts, it's been a smash hit and the fans, NBA and … Continue reading Life in the Corporate Bubble

The Corporate Bubble

Do you think that it's totally unfair that the NBA players get to live with their coworkers in the NBA Bubble while you are stuck working remote?? Well have no fear, the Corporate Bubble is here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZnRowNMWkA

The Work from Home Employee Draft

Last night was an important night for many people in the world - dreams were made, futures were built, and hearts were broken. A country was unified for the first time in months around the most important draft since World War II - the Work Retire Die Remote Employee Draft. That's right, America's most important … Continue reading The Work from Home Employee Draft