Desk Items to Get You Through the Day *Guest Blog*

Editor's Note: Surprise! We have a new guest blog from returning contributor Buffalo Bitch, one of the biggest bitches alive who happens to be from Buffalo. He's got some smoking hot takes to keep you warm in the cold winter months. Additional Editor's Note: Many have said it's pathetic that the Content King hasn't written a blog in 2 … Continue reading Desk Items to Get You Through the Day *Guest Blog*

Buzzword Dictionary: 2/21

Here at WRD, we know that we were put on this Earth to do 1 thing: arm our loyal readers with a treasure chest of content that both entertains, informs and seduces (attractive people only !!! ) Recently, we unleashed the newest tool in your professional arsenal: Buzzword Dictionary. Corporate-speak is a language all of … Continue reading Buzzword Dictionary: 2/21