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Best Christmas Gifts To Receive As A College Student

*Editor’s Note – This article was written by our handsome intern Intern Sam, who’s finally done with “school” and “exams” and ready to start blogging his way to the top again. More of his content can be found here.

At this point in my life, Christmas has lost just a touch of its charm. That’s not to say that I don’t love being home for the holidays – it’s a great break from “going to class” and “studying so hard for finals”. But now that the whole Santa shtick has been out the window for a long while, and we’re even past pretending to believe for old times sake, I find myself less and less excited with each year. There are always caveats to that – really good and free food, hanging out with my family, catching up on sleep, and best of all, presents. I know I know, it’s the season of giving blah blah whatever. I do give my family gifts (and I’m damn good at it), so mind your own. Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, this is an inclusive blog) is a great time to get some dope free shit. Here are the best Christmas gifts to get as a college student. 

Best Christmas Gifts To Receive As A College Student

Idk which one is worse


Regardless of if you live in a dorm or in an off campus house, you’re going to lose all of your socks. This is one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe with no answer in sight. Even if you do hang on to the majority of your socks, they’re going to be old and smelly because you don’t know how to do laundry correctly, or maybe at all. For the past 3 years I’ve asked for a dozen pairs of those amazing white Nike dri fit mid calf socks.

There really is nothing more euphoric than slipping your foot into a brand new pair of socks, especially after spending the last 3 months with crusty hole ridden nightmares. I aspire to one day be like George Clooney, who reportedly never wears the same pair of socks twice. For now, I’ll have to rely on mom coming through in a big way every holiday season. 


Now that I’m pretending to be an adult, my parents have tightened up a bit on what services they pay for vs which ones come out of my own pocket. I’m still on their phone plan, but that makes sense because it’s cheaper to have a family plan anyway. My parents also like Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu, so I just mooch off of them for those. Maybe your’s are different, in which case a year long Netflix subscription is an amazing gift.

For me, I ask for ESPN+ and NBA League Pass because I am very cool/athletic and watch sports. Also, being able to watch the games that you bet on is always a plus. Now that I think of it, they haven’t tightened up on me whatsoever with my subscriptions. I don’t pay for any of them. To be fair, I’ve earned it by being the golden child.   


Another great present to ask for are tickets. If you haven’t noticed, flights cost a ton of money and my zero dollar per year salary cannot afford them. If you want to go away for Spring break, think ahead and get that flight booked as a Christmas gift – it’ll be cheaper now anyway. Other great ticket gifts are to concerts or sports events. You can pitch a hockey game as a wholesome time with your college buddies, when in reality you’re going to pregame too hard, throw up in the bathroom, and get into a shouting match with a stranger about a sport you don’t care about. 

Thanks for the tickets Mom and Dad! Gonna go shit myself at a football game

Gift Cards

This is much less of a gift you should ask for from your parents, and much more one you should ask for from relatives (if they even bother to give you gifts at this point). Your aunt’s, uncle’s, and cousin’s all love you much less than they pretend too, and the feeling is mutual. If you’re lucky, you see them a few times a year. If you’re unlucky, you see them many times a year. Realistically they don’t know that much about you or what you like, want, or need.

You know what the perfect gift for that is? An Amazon gift card. America’s internet mall has pretty much everything and it takes close to zero effort to buy one. You can literally email them. They’re busy people, let’s call a spade a spade and just send a gift card. Thanks for the 25$ estranged aunt Cathy! Can’t wait to use it on a new fitted sheet after I drunkenly pee on my current one too many times.  


Very similar to gift cards, but better. As we say in the business, cash is king. They don’t teach you that in business school, so you’re welcome for the free lesson. While Amazon does have nearly everything, there are still things you can’t get from that bald beauty Bezos. Food, Gas, alcohol, and gambling are all off the table for Amazon, at least for now. Getting cash is amazing because you can be responsible and deposit it in your bank account and have surplus food money. Or you can be a fun idiot and burn it at a bar the second you get back to school. Whatever option you choose, your good friend cash has your back. 

How college kids with $100 in their checking account feel.

I’m wishing all you loyal WRD’ies a very happy holiday, whichever you celebrate. When you rip the wrapping paper off those amazing socks, make sure you think of me. Now you’ll be able to take your shoes off to sit on the couch without being self conscious. You’re welcome.     

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