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Happy Eagles Super Bowl 1 week Anniversary

So cards on the table but I am a Jets fan. Probably mentioned that 100 times on this website we got here. However, last week I was an Eagles fan. My blood runs green and sometimes that is Eagles green and not Jets green. Plus I hate the Patriots and love to see them suffer. So when 3 of my closest  friends told me they would be headed to Philly for the game, I knew I had to join. There was going to be a riot one way or the other and I had to be there myself. And riot we did.

Below you will find my coverage of the big game. In true WRD, this live coverage is a week old. Sorry about that. I am literally just now recovering from the madness in Philly. This coverage consists of my SnapStory, which I received many compliments on and for that I am thankful. However, many of you did not compliment me which is annoying. Also, you probably don’t follow me on SnapChat if you are a stranger on the Internet.

Also, sorry for the screaming and strange captions at times. I was quite drunk.

The morning:

Outside our hotel in Philly, they were greasing up the poles so people wouldn’t climb them. Goddam grease police.


The city was abuzz and many folks were wearing dog masks. A wonderful tradition. However, in practice, they smell truly awful and are hard to wear for more than like 2 minutes.

The game:

It was very nerve-wracking. I’ll be completely honest, I was still a little hungover from the night before so i fell asleep a bit. Sorry but they’re not my team. But yeah nothing else to add to the game itself that hasn’t been said.

The aftermath:

I think I screamed “Free Meek Mill” 150 times. In case you are stupid, Meek Mill is a Philly rapper in jail. His song was used as the walk-out song for the Super Bowl. He got into a Twitter fight with Drake but that’s old news. He should be freed

People were climbing the gates to City Hall. I would imagine the same thing would happen if the government was getting overthrown.


Despite the grease, many many poles were climbed.


Those poles that weren’t climbed were torn down.



I’m not sure who would drive a car in that madness but they were basically communal property.

Eventually elevated surfaces came into play. Here is some footage from atop a subway station.


One gentleman even climbed to the top of a stoplight. How he expected to get down I am not sure but he did it.

And as always, we had boots on the ground reporting. You should expect nothing less.


Congrats to the city of Philadelphia and to myself for being smart enough to go. You’re welcome. Thank you.

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