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*GUEST COLUMN* Album Review- A Work Retire Die Christmas

A note from the Editor:

Here at the Work Retire Die Headquarters, we always try to stay on the cutting edge and ahead of the pack. When everybody zigs, we zag. As such, we’ve made it our mission to track down the best and brightest new talent to continue delivering award winning content to the masses. Interested in applying? There are only 3 qualifications:

1) You can write

2) You’re hot

3) You bend the knee to the Content King

I’m happy to say that our new writer, “Real Talk” (aka RT) fits the bill, particularly on the third criteria (not so much on the second.) He’s prepared a review of a Christmas album that was recorded by yours truly. It’s a little more critical than I’d like, but I’m still publishing. It’s called journalistic integrity. Here’s a lesson for you readers- no matter how many hours you spend in the lab creating genius, know-it-all writers like this guy will still find a way to pick you apart. But that’s the industry. Only the strong survive.

One final note- the actual album is not available for viewing or download due to technical difficulties aka I’m still figuring out wordpress. But it’s probably more fun if you just imagine. Enjoy


By: Real Talk (aka RT)

When I initially decided to write a review on the first edition of workretiredie’s Christmas album, I was excited but a little scared. We all know he calls himself the “content king”, but was he going to be able to produce a spectacle on probably the biggest holiday around? How was the album going to be structured? What sort of “content” would he include?

As one of the most consistent critics on his every day life, WRD knows I will be honest and fair. I will never lighten my criticism just because this is his inaugural album and he is apparently still learning how to sing. I get it, he’s a “funny guy,” but will he be able to connect with an audience with such high expectations? On a holiday that holds a very special place in their hearts? Only time will tell.

Initial Thoughts – Cover art

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.22.59 PM
Editors Note: You will never see my face please just drop it ok ladies?

So before I listen to any of the tracks I would like to make my initial remarks. I see what WRD is trying to do with this album cover. He’s is trying to show that he is a fun and wild guy but add the Santa twist with the hat. Trying to make it look like he is a famous person with his hand up trying to stop the paparazzi. What I don’t understand is the giant what looks to be beverage stain down his shirt. That just shows clumsiness… Also, he doesn’t have the decency to capitalize the Merry Christmas. Inside cover picture is pretty rad. Half drank cup, and looks like he is having a blast and crushing the dance floor. But again, a stain on the pants and lack of decency to capitalize the Merry Christmas. Overall, the art is fine.


Set List

The craftsmanship >>>

I don’t know if I am more worried or excited with this set list. First, I love the number of songs. 12 is a great number of tracks for an album. I am also a big fan of the 12th song being a bonus track. I think that shows great courage and a fun side of the artist that everyone needs over the Holiday season. There are some weird titles which scare me a little. Overall, I like this so far, but there are still a ton of unknowns.


SONGS (as written on the Album)

I am listening to all these songs for the first time and making my initial reactions.

Baby it’s Cold outside (Duet)

Honestly, a little scary. Love the choice to play both the guy and the girl, but he couldn’t hold it. I felt the transitioning between parts was very poorly executed. That being said, I liked the creativity and respect his boldness on taking this risk on the opening track.


 Love Actually (Intro scene)

Great choice to add to the album. It was unexpected yet just what the people want. I only wish he didn’t have the actual recording in the background, with Hugh Grant saying the same exact words at the same exact time. Don’t be afraid to be the star. Work hard to memorize the scene, find some music, and make it your own. This had great potential. I guess I’ll have to wait another year to find out.


Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)

I don’t even know what to say. I don’t know if I just hated it or loved it. That song was never one of my favorites. It just felt a little forced… But I didn’t not like it.


Home Alone (Pizza Scene)

Wow. Love it. One of the best Christmas movies (IMO) and very well executed. Love the self made bullet sounds. Only criticism is a couple slips on the words. Besides that, best one yet.


All I want for Christmas is U (You)

Didn’t like it. Made me very uncomfortable. I get it, needed it to make the album, it’s a classic. But this version was not for me. Some may like it, I don’t.


Oh Christmas Tree (Whistling)

Now we are back on track. Really happy with the choice to whistle this and not sing because that could have been a disaster. Pretty good whistler. Like the range that WRD hit. Kind of sounded like it could be a backdrop in a scary Christmas movie. I dig it. Kinda blew it at the end tho.


A Reading from the Book of Luke

Respect the addition. Remind people what the true meaning of Christmas is all about (CHRIST – MAS). I don’t think I am a huge fan of the fake British Accent. Too similar to the Love Actually voice.


Silent Night

I don’t know.


Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch

Good work. Like the scene. Great Christmas movie.


Where are you Christmas

So he’s trying to impersonate Cindy Lou Who? Not his strength. Definitely hit a few of the notes. But really tough trying to impersonate a little girl. I wish he would have transformed it into his own thing.


Little Drummer Boy

Probably his best song so far. It’s fine. Did some cool stuff in there. This song fits WRD’s voice which helps. I think it’s a great way to end the album.


BONUS TRACK- Hallelujah Chorus Jeff Buckley

Like the song. Not technically a Christmas song but I get what he’s doing. I do like the idea and part of the execution but I think he still have some work to do. Also I didn’t listen to the whole thing cause it is like 5 minutes.


Final Score: C+

 FINAL Thoughts

Love the effort and time taken to make this spectacle. Respect the hustle and I will get enjoyment from this for Christmas’ to come. Although I rank the album not as high as the artist may not like. It is still above “average” and he can always improve next Christmas.

Apparently this album is not available for listening due to special restrictions. Maybe he will grow a pair someday and make this available for purchase

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