Summer Fridays: “Working” from Home

It's a time honored tradition in the summer to leave for a weekend trip on a Thursday night and "work remotely" Friday from the beach, lake or wherever you find yourself. It's a great way to to save vacation days and also have the least productive day of all time. People barely work in the … Continue reading Summer Fridays: “Working” from Home

Summer Fridays: Summer Movie Superlatives

The absolutely essential categories for all summer related movies, award winners and shoutout a few honorable mentions. As always, all decisions are correct and final.

Fall Has Fallen

I write you today, loyal readers and content subjects, with wonderful news. By the power vested in me, the mighty Content King, by our all seeing god, I have  declared today to be the official start of fall. Now yes, I know what you're thinking. Big Weather would have you believe that it's technically … Continue reading Fall Has Fallen