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The Do’s and Don’ts of Going Home for Thanksgiving Break

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So you’re on the way home for Thanksgiving break? It’s time to pull yourself together and at least pretend that you aren’t a complete degenerate. Make sure to take a quick look at your course schedule to remember what classes you’re taking so when your grandma asks you how things are going, you can lie about how well you’re doing in your Economics class (or whatever class you always skip.) Going home for Thanksgiving means digging up that one pair of clean khakis you have and throwing on a collared shirt two sizes too small. Thanksgiving also means having (usually always) awkward interactions with your extended family and the subsequent interrogation about your life and future career.

The Dos and Don’ts When Home for Thanksgiving Break.

There he is! Wow that walk was really long – why are your eyes so red?

Do: Have a Beer with Your Dad.

Catch up a little. You’re entering an important time in your life where you can legally drink a cold one with your old man. Savor this moment. These kinds of tender moments don’t come every day. Pretty soon the novelty of having a beer will wear off when you both realize you like drinking a bit too much for people trying to be productive members of society. C’est la vie.

Don’t: Have 14 Beers with Your Dad.

We understand that in your lifestyle there’s a fine line between drinking one beer and drinking 14. Drinking in moderation doesn’t come easy to you, we know that. But don’t embarrass yourself by blacking out at Thanksgiving dinner.

Do: Help out with Thanksgiving Dishes

Offering to help out with dishes can be a small token of gratitude; it says, “I love my family, and I appreciate them in my life.” Also, you’re an adult now. The freeloading of your youth is gone. Get off your ass and chip in, pal. Plus most everyone has this nifty machine called a dishwasher. Guess what? It washes dishes for you.

Don’t: Help Out Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s be realistic here – the only food you’ve “made” for the past 3 years are frozen meals and whatever you could steal from your dining hall. You don’t know how to cook, and with a holiday completely centered around one meal, you don’t want to mess it up. If the turkey gets burned and you have to go out for dinner, your mother will never forgive you.

Do: Mention Your Good Grades to Your Grandparents

Your family wants to see you succeed! Make sure to tell them a little bit about your academic achievements. The great part of this is that they can’t actually fact-check you – you can tell them whatever grades you want. But be realistic. Saying you have a 4.0 GPA may sound nice in the moment, but there will be a lot of questions when you can’t find a job.

Don’t: Mention How Your Midterm Answers Came from Quizlet

Don’t tell them too much about your academic achievements. Like for instance, don’t tell them about where you get your answers for the tests you take, or about the smart kid that you sit next to in class and cheat off of. Be smart here. Your family wants to hear that you’re getting good grades, not about laziness.

With these do’s and don’ts in mind, you’re bound to have a great break at home. Try not to go crazy. Even though you’re only home for about 8 days, it will feel like 5 months. Enjoy yourself and give your liver a break from your normal life at school. Happy Thanksgiving!

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