Bad Meeting Breakdown – Scott Van Belt

We have special guest Scott Van Belt here today to break down Mike's marketing conference call. Pro-Tip - please stop pretending you have bad Wi-Fi. No one believes you.

Office Small Talk After Quarantine

To be honest, I am really not excited about going back to the office after quarantine ends. No, it's not because I'm loving work from home. It's because I'm dreading the small talk. If you're looking to practice your small talk and quarantine jokes, go ahead and smash that view button.

Leaving A Zoom Happy Hour is Impossible

During these uncertain times, it can be really hard to stay in touch with friends. It should have been a blessing. Unfortunately, God decided to invent Zoom and now we can't get a moment of peace. Now, I feel like my social calendar is way more crowded than it ever was. It makes me sick. … Continue reading Leaving A Zoom Happy Hour is Impossible

Suspicious Dad – NEW VIDEO

Hey teens - don't parents stink? Always accusing you of stuff you didn't do? Well, as many of you know, here at Work Retire Die we work tirelessly to expose injustice at every turn. Our crew of documentary filmmakers has received some shocking footage that illustrates the extraordinary lengths Dads will go to in order … Continue reading Suspicious Dad – NEW VIDEO