Office Small Talk After Quarantine

To be honest, I am really not excited about going back to the office after quarantine ends. No, it's not because I'm loving work from home. It's because I'm dreading the small talk. If you're looking to practice your small talk and quarantine jokes, go ahead and smash that view button.

The Work from Home Employee Draft

Last night was an important night for many people in the world - dreams were made, futures were built, and hearts were broken. A country was unified for the first time in months around the most important draft since World War II - the Work Retire Die Remote Employee Draft. That's right, America's most important … Continue reading The Work from Home Employee Draft

Work Retire Mailbag, Vol. 1

Loyal WRDies - welcome to the newest recurring segment, the Work Retire Mailbag. Every month or so, we'll be answering your questions about work, life and balance. Thank you to all who submitted questions for our first edition, and for everyone else, be sure to email to have yours answered in the next version.  … Continue reading Work Retire Mailbag, Vol. 1

Going to Work with a Black Eye

*Editors Note- this also applies to face scrapes* It should surprise none of you that I am generally regarded as one of the biggest bad boys in Corporate America history. I don't do expense reports on time, I never attend team-building exercises and I have shown up at the office with a glaring facial wound … Continue reading Going to Work with a Black Eye

The 10 Commandments of Corporate America

Loyal and zealous WRDies, I bring good news from on high. After years of preaching the good word to tens of readers, your humble and handsome Content King has officially formalized his teachings into sacred scripture. Many of you are not worthy of my message, but I am a merciful king and willing to look … Continue reading The 10 Commandments of Corporate America

How to Call in ‘Sick’ at Work – Tips from a Pro

Editor's Note: This originally appeared on the weekly Work Retire Die email newsletter. Email us at to be added or click here to subscribe. Emails are sent every Friday at 11 am - learn more here. The weather is getting cold which means one thing - it is the perfect time to start faking … Continue reading How to Call in ‘Sick’ at Work – Tips from a Pro

Work Retire Die Turns 2 Years Old

Long self indulgent post alert. TLDR: The blog is two years old today. We're celebrating the best and worst articles from the past 2 years. And we're giving away a Crock-Pot to an email newsletter subscriber. Yes actually. Email by Friday at 11 am for a chance to win. Scroll past the heartfelt thanks … Continue reading Work Retire Die Turns 2 Years Old

Work Retire Newsletter

Loyal WRDies - we are pleased to announce that your prayers have been answered and wildest dreams have finally come true. We are launching a weekly newsletter, giving you a chance for yet another email to fill up your already crowded inbox!! We know that email is annoying to begin with. And between theSkimm, MorningBrew, … Continue reading Work Retire Newsletter

Summer Fridays: “Working” from Home

It's a time honored tradition in the summer to leave for a weekend trip on a Thursday night and "work remotely" Friday from the beach, lake or wherever you find yourself. It's a great way to to save vacation days and also have the least productive day of all time. People barely work in the … Continue reading Summer Fridays: “Working” from Home

Summer Fridays: Best Interns of All Time

Editor's Note: Every Friday afternoon from now until Labor Day, we will be dropping a new summer themed blog to close out your work day and take you into the weekend. 14 weeks, 14 topics, 14 chances for you to have something interesting to talk about at a pregame. If you're new, go check out … Continue reading Summer Fridays: Best Interns of All Time