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Getting Through the Week: A Manifesto

Ahhh the workweek. The ole Monday to Friday. The 9-5 grind. Yes it is shitty. Very not so good. But ohhhh how necessary it is. Do you want to be drunk for the entire weekend like the rest of the cool kids? Of course you do. This is a No Nerds Allowed blog.

The work week is when you make that paper so you can ball out and not be a little bitch who Venmo charges your friends for a round of Bud Lights. It’s when you do all that shit you have to do so you can do what you want to do. It’s called mental toughness and discipline. You know, the stuff of champions. If you’re not on board, go ahead and see yourself out.

This will be a 5-part Saga (6 if you count this post) because I don’t believe in long-form content. It’s 2018 for gods sake! We have flying cars, Vine has returned and the Jets are Super Bowl Champs.

**For public record, it is actually October 2017 as I write this but I am assuming no one will actually read this for a solid 4 months (if ever) so I am making educated guesses about what the future will hold.


Monday: Survive and Advance

Tuesday: Time to Do Some Actual Work and Not Get Fired

Wednesday: Hey That Wasn’t So Bad

Thursday: What are You Doing This Weekend?

Friday: Make it to Happy Hour

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