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Previewing the Post-COVID Bracket National Championship

Well would ya look at that. We’re wrapping up our world famous What You’re Looking Forward to Most After COVID bracket just in time for the entire country to begin the vaccination process and a (fingers crossed) slow return to normalcy. It’s almost like we are controlling the world here at Work Retire Die and we alone are responsible for fixing COVID.

Realistically there are two scenarios that explain this situation. 

1) The WRD March Madness committee is actually accidental prophets who can speak things into existence by creating brackets. 

2) Governor Cuomo, Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden all read Work Retire Die, got really into the bracket and decided to reward us for our charm, wit and strong jawlines. 

Either way, the only sensible thing to do is create a bracket for “What Will You Buy with Your First Billion Dollars After You Win the Lottery Tomorrow” or even a “Best Things About Escaping Crushing Credit Card Debt” on Monday and letting the universe take over. 

Anyways, back to the business at hand. After 3 long weeks and over 80,000 total votes (!), just two teams remain. Beginning today at 12 pm, top seed Leaving Work on a Friday will square off against #8 Making Spontaneous Plans in the most anticipated championship final ever. Because we love the fans, the voting will be exclusively on Instagram Stories and the committee will no longer have a say. 

Here’s a look at the final bracket and everything that went down the last few weeks. Or just check out the recaps on our site. 

Previewing the National Championship

1. Leaving Work on a Friday

The top seed dominated in the Work Region and wasn’t really tested until the final, when they relied on their veteran experience to put away a young WFH As a Treat and Not Daily Life squad. Time and time again this tournament, they have proved that one of the most devastating blows dealt by COVID has been the absence of work-life balance. While it’s true that the best part about work is when it’s over for two days, do they have what it takes to win the entire bracket? 

1. Leaving Work on a Friday


  • Clear identity to this team that creates a defined end to the week and separation of work and social life. 
  • Far superior to COVID alternative of ending work on Friday, closing your laptop, moving 11 inches to the left on your couch and having 1 more beer than a normal night. 
  • Starts off games very strong. When they’re clicking, can overwhelm teams and immediately lead to a great night. 


  • One dimensional. Only comes to play once a week. 
  • Slightly depressing if you have no plans or you’re dreading the plans you do have.  
  • Streaky team that peaks during summer months but is just ok during winter. 

8. Making Spontaneous Plans 

This team has been the story of the bracket, battling through a loaded Socializing Region while knocking off early tournament favorites like top seed Reuniting With Friends You Haven’t Seen for Months and #2 Bar Hopping. This year’s Loyola Chicago, Making Spontaneous Plans will be a welcome relief to today’s world, where every event requires advance planning, anxiety, and waiting hours to get a test if you’re seeing family. But do they have what it takes to stun Leaving Work on a Friday?

8. Making Spontaneous Plans 


  • Far better alternative to at home ‘spontaneous plans,’ which consist mainly of deciding to make banana bread or watching a new Netflix show that you heard was good.
  • Extremely versatile team that can apply to weekdays, day drinking events, or even last minute weekend getaways. Plays very well on the road.
  • Explosive offense that sneaks up on you. Can lead to incredible nights that come from nowhere.


  • Battles inconsistency at times.
  • Relies heavily on the right crew. If top players are in early foul trouble, they may not have the bench to compete.
  • Mental factor looms large. If you’re not in the right headspace, this team can be more annoying than fun.


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