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Randy Orton vs. Soulja Boy: The Rivalry of the Century

*Editor’s Note: We got another post from Intern Sam, here to update you on what’s happening on the Internet this week.*

I didn’t think that in 2021 I would be writing an article about these two has-beens, but here I am. Apparently if you were once relevant and shit talk another once relevant celebrity, you trend on Twitter. Randy Orton outta nowhere! 

Here is the original tweet that started the beef. I really have no idea what provoked Soulja Boy to say this, but it seems he involves himself willy nilly in baseless internet beefs. He’s already had them with Tyga and Chris Brown, but those at least make some sense. Soulja Boy is/was a rapper, so him coming at other artists has at least some foundation in reality. But a professional wrestler??? What the fuck Soulja. 

As someone who has been to Wrestlemania, I’ll be the first to shit on the “sport” of WWE. I’ve never seen so many black and mild smoking stupid people per capita than in the parking lot of MetLife that evening. These fans really buy into it, so the cultural experience was truly incredible. That being said, Randy Orton would beat the ever living shit out of Soulja Boy. Here is his response.

In the Twittersphere, it seems any internet beef can turn into an actual fight if you have enough people on board. Just look at those good for nothing scumbag Paul brothers. They’ve built careers off of nonsense trash talking, which I guess is the route Soulja is going. Honestly, I can’t blame the guy. After making such hits as “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” and “Crank That”, he’s been a non-factor in the rap game. Did you listen to his new album? Yeah, me neither. I didn’t even know it existed until I started writing this. 

In conclusion, I am all for team Orton. As little respect I have for fans of WWE (because they are trash people), the actual wrestlers are insane athletes and actors. 2021 hasn’t been the greatest year so far, but if I get to watch Randy Orton RKO Soulja Boy on live TV I’ll ride that high for at least a month.

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